Dear friends,

Finca O Bizarro born from the dream of conserving and enhancing as far as possible the heritage received from our elders while offering this beautiful corner of Galicia to those who are looking for a unique place from which to enjoy their free time.

This dream started back in 2005 with the restoration of various buildings within the estate, including the Chapel of San Román (Chapel of Camino Norte de Santiago), the old washhouse and  the main house which is intended to be a Rural House,subsequently two terraces overlooking the Trabada River were created, allowing us to enjoy the exteriors of the estate.

Daily life in the Villa is run by both my wife Isabel (when her work allows it) and me, José Ramón. We try to offer a warm corner that will give you the basis to enjoy the adventure of exploring our region, The Lugo Coast and Western Asturias, enjoy the scenery, history, gastronomy… and at the end of the day to rest, relax and enjoy the house and its surroundings.

 Our intention is to make you feel like home, we aim to offer the best service and equipment as possible, always within our means. 


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