“Because we believe that life should be measured in moments not minutes”

A place where the sound of water in the river and the wind in the woods around us are our soundtrack, or as customer and good friend told us, “this is a house where you can hear the silence”.

The warmth of wood, stone, steel and glass welcome you to Finca O Bizarro

It was in the late nineteenth century when our great-grandparents were decided to build a new house traditional Galician style house combining the family estate that was growing.

In 2005 began its rehabilitation and year and a half later we opened to our first guests, we have tried to combine traditional architecture and decor with new materials like steel and glass with contemporary amenities such as the free Wi-Fi network, telephone and heating in rooms throughout the house.

The rooms, all doubles, outdoor and with bathroom are warm spaces so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

The lounges, two on the ground floor, game room – TV and dining area and three in the second floor, reading rooms and meeting rooms offer the warmth that only a solid stone walls and wood can give these spaces.

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